If there is a road accident, it is necessary to fill out the agreed statement, so this article serves as a guide in filling it and helps to tackle the situation more successfully.

The agreed statement is a uniform road accident notification form developed by the European Insurance Committee.

The original and copy of the agreed statement shall be distributed between the two vehicle drivers involved in the accident, later submitted to the insurer. The agreed statement forms can receive from insurer, co-operation partners and in refuelling stations - they are the same across Europe, only the language is different, so it can also be filled in by vehicle managers who communicate in different languages.

In order to be able to draw up a harmonised notification, a number of prerequisites must be met:

•    If only two vehicles are involved and damaged in the accident and may continue the road;

•    If there is no damage to the property of a third party;

•    If there are no victims;

•    If there is no damage caused to vehicles, for which they can not or not have the right to drive in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations.

•    If none of the drivers involved is affected by alcohol or other intoxicating substances;

•    If both drivers involved in the accident have the appropriate category driving license.

•    If both drivers involved in the accident are able to agree on all the relevant circumstances of the accident.


If you are not able to agree on the completion of agreed statement or if any of the above conditions are not fulfilled, then you need to turn on the emergency light, set up an emergency sign and contact road police.

It is important that vehicles be drawn in an accident sketch at the moment of collision of road accidents, not after it. Photographs taken at the moment of a road accident may also be useful for clarifying the circumstances of the road accident, which can be added to the agreed notice by submitting it to the insurer.

To save yourself time in the event of an accident, always ensure that the agreed statement form is in the vehicle. Remember to fill it out accurately and correctly and don't forget to take photos from the scene! And it should be noted that, after completing agreed statement, no corrections may be made to it.

However, we wish that there is no road accident, but life is unpredictable. We, therefore, recommend that you become acquainted with the sample of the agreed statement in order to be successful and able to deal with the situation. If you want more insight into filling it out, take a look at the video guide here.



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